Monday, May 5, 2008

Lost and gone forever

I think you all know about my obsession with LOST. Love it, totally love it. If possible check out a few websites that I enjoy.

The first is . On Friday's Daniel from TMZ does a moment by moment play of Thursday nights show. Then there are the comments! It can get to be a lot to read, but full of information and insights that others have that some just seem to miss.

This site by far is the one I spend most time reading. . Just scroll down the list on the left side and click under FEEDS, Latest Theories. That way you get the current theories posted daily. Some of these theories are really out there but some have been given tons of thought. There are some really smart people out there, and some really OBSESSED people too, much much more than myself.

This is a new website that I just stumbled onto. Lots of information, and thought you might enjoy when you don't have anything to do, or when the show runs out for the season.

I also recommend rewatching all the previous seasons, especially during summer before LOST comes back on. Watching the old shows with the new insights helps you understand so much more then when you watched them earlier.

I wasn't interested in LOST when it originally came out. Amber is the one we need to thank for this as I was introduced to LOST when they lived on Starlite in Holmen. We would sit in bed and watch previously recorded shows. I was introduced during the second season and was immediately hooked. Didn't get a chance to watch the first years shows, until after the third year was over. I highly recommend going back and rewatching, there is so much going on and it helps you understand the things that are happening now. LOST is going to be one of the classics, is swear. So I am LOSTANDGONEFOREVER.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Early in April I drove to Virginia to visit Missy, Marc, Erich and Jager. I stayed a week, getting down and dirty. (See Missy's blog) I left Thursday and drove to Chicago to spend the night with DaddyO, got up and drove home so that I could get ready to fly out to California with Avery two days later on Sunday morning. Our trip to CA was to help Jim and Jean Vaughn, Nathan's grand in-laws, pack up fifty-five years of belongings, (50 years at the same residence) and help drive Jim, Jean and Ronnie to Wisconsin. Avery was in charge of the Ford 150 pickup truck and Jim and I shared the 24 foot motorhome. Except for the incredible wind throughout most of the trip, we were spared the volitile weather that so many parts of the country were experiencing. We chose the route through Alburqueque (I-40) and came up I-35 though Kansas City. (We stayed with Kathy and Bekah in Olathe). We missed the tornados in Fort Wayne/Dallas, the snow in Colorado and Nebraska and the severe storms/tornados in Missouri. I felt as though we were guided to make the decisions that we did. We had packed for a week, and after the movers loaded up the boxes and furniture we left CA on tuesday evening at 9pm. The trip was loooooong and we all arrived in Wisconsin in good spirits on Saturday evening around 10:30pm. It felt soooooo good to be home. But that was short lived as I am now in Orlando with DaddyO for the next 7 days. High 80's and low 90's for the next week. Gotta love it. My return home will be short lived as well, as I will be leaving for Kansas with my sister Val and Mom to attend Bekah's graduation less than a week later. If only I could stay home and get something done! I guess that is what life is like in the fast lane.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Look at me - I am a blogger

So what do you know - I have started a blog with Missy's help. There is no way I could have done this on my own. My tech skills are "non" intuitive. I am stuck in an analog world - the digital age escapes me. Hopefully by the time I go home next week I will have posted a couple of blogs, since for me repetition is the best way I learn. I hope the name describes me well. Aren't I always uprooted and undone? Always a construction or garden project on the mind (if not in the works). Summers are never long enough, and the things I need to get done are usually outside. I do have a few indoor projects, but I need help with them, because they are so big, so maybe this fall I can get James to replace a few windows, doors, and floors for me. ;-) This week I am gardening wih Missy, Amber, I'll see your dirt come May.

My name says it all

You know me, I am never satisfied with the way things are. My mind is never idle. If I can think it up, I'll find a way to get it done. Tis springtime with lots of projects around the house. Been raking the back hill (got 21 big bags of leaves that we took to the compost/landfill) then went home and bagged up 6 more from the backyard. Of course Avery and I had to recover for a day (or two). The side pergula is always going through a change, last year was the roof, I stained the floor, and then made a side cabinet. This year the side cabinet is growing in size and a door is going up on the hole in the chimney. And because I didn't prep the floor properly, I'll have to scrape and restain. Of course there is always the lawn, which I need to finish raking and seed, then weed and feed. And when is all this going to be done? You know the answer to that one. If it can be improved upon, it is never finished. But isn't the act of creation what it is all about? I guess my name says it all.